Ashley Kyle Skinner

Missing Child Alert

Joanne Leslie Skinner abducted Ashley Kyle Skinner.

Michael Turberville is searching for his Internationally Abducted son Ashley Kyle Skinner Turberville.

Ashley was born on the 12th of August 2001, Ashley will be a teenager.
After a global media press release and police investigations,
his whereabouts are still unknown.

Ashley’s mother, Joanne Skinner,
kidnapped him during court proceeding -
September 2008 and is now settled somewhere in the world,
most likely not in the UK and probably the EU or Australia/New Zealand.
Ashley is an Extremely intelligent and Exceptionally Literate child.
When he started school at age 5 he could read any
book and is also notably strong in Mathematics.

If he is in your class or school, he would potentially be in the exceptional learning programme.

Joanne is possibly using false names for herself and Ashley.

Ashley will be an above average height child, exceptionally thin, with dark hair
and eyes and should still have a north central London accent.
He was also an avid swimmer but not so adept in other sports.

If you have a child similar in your school or play group or other children’s association or group or just in your neighbourhood –
please do one of the what to do’s listed below.

Ashley’s mother Joanne Leslie Skinner, born 09th June 1973,
was a trade union worker in the UK before the departure and only has a UK
passport and Only speaks English.
She is Vegan Vegetarian in her 40’s, approximately 5’6 (167cm) tall, thin –
8 stone (112 pounds, 51kgs) dark eyes and dark hair last seen with highlights
and with lengths varying from short and spiky to shoulder length. She currently suffers from mental issues of paranoia to outright delusionsal states.
She is identifiable by viewing her arms and legs as she has 100’s of self harming scars on each limb from razor blade and knife cutting.
The Most notable and identifiable is on her upper left arm a 3 inch circular scar in the shape of the tip of a very hot iron – it melted the skin when it burned.
She is also on antidepressant / antipsychotic medication and so might
be located at the local psychiatric specialist or pharmacy collecting her monthly repeat prescriptions.

If you think you have seen her, please do not approach directly, photograph and
please use one of the contact mentioned methods listed below.
If she does not feel she is in full and total control of her life and life circumstances,
she is potentially a threat (again) to herself and to Ashley.

Joanne's only family are:
Kenneth A Skinner

Rosemary Skinner
75 Village Way, Rayners Lane, Pinner, North London, HA5 5HA
(former housewife, OAP and highly active in her local Methodist Church)

John Skinner
Illegally immigrated to Sydney Australia in violation of court orders on him and his wife
current employer: T-Bone Productions, 61 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
formerly of 20 Queens Road, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 3AE
formerly of 388 Long Lane, East Finchley, London, N2 8JX
and works in IT Supportin London.

John's wife:
Bronwyn M. Lim Skinner
(a multi-national of Australia, Singapore and now also of the UK),
occasionally employed as a bit part actress using the stage names Bronwyn Lim and Bronwyn Skinner.

John and Bronwyn have a son
Dylan Skinner
born January 2009.

Bronwyn's parents:
Ong Tong Lim aka Jimmy Lim
listed residence:
3 Salina Avenue, West Pennant Hills, NSW 2125, Australia.
Financial interest:
APL / NOL Container Shipping Company

Jimmy's wife:
Susanne Maree Lim
also of 3 Salina Avenue, West Pennant Hills, NSW 2125, Australia.

A Cousin in SW England with 3 children, daughter born c.1996, a son born c.1998,
and a son Alfie born c.2000.

In 2008, the President of the UK Supreme Court's Family Division took the highly unusual step of lifting reporting restrictions usual in children's cases in the hope that publicity will help trace Ashley.

Sir Mark Potter said:
'This is a boy who has been snatched by his mother during court proceedings intended to decide how much contact he should have with his father.
'This mother's behaviour is to be deplored.
She has gone to extreme lengths to go to ground with Ashley and to cover her trail so as to avoid detection.
'She has taken, and will continue to take, every opportunity to defeat
the court's legal processes.'
'As a result, Ashley is being deprived of a relationship with his father.'

Additional information:

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ms Skinner and Ashley should contact:
the Tipstaff to the Royal Courts of Justice in London.
020 7947 6200
international: + 44 20 7947 6200

or the local Police

and his father
Michael Turberville
+44 7427 694 794

Please do not approach Joanne Skinner or Ashley directly.